Modern custom web design • on site and product photography • 2D animation 3D modeling • graphic design & branding

Welcome to DBK, the online portfolio of online multimedia computer artist and front-end developer Kim [DBK]. DBK provides the convenience of offering many essential services to small businesses all-in-one.

DBK goes to your live location to capture professional pictures of your business to help you sell your products and services. Then DBK retouches the pictures, makes you a custom website, creates your brochures and business cards in-house, creates a custom logo, a short custom video reel / commercial that you can use anywhere online to attract new customers, educate potential clients about your services & products, and help build awareness of your personal brand, or simply help sell yourself quickly and effectively to a watching audience.

The advantage is, you save time and money on these vital small business development services so--instead of hiring several different people for your small business needs, DBK does it all for you. For example, usually professional photographers and photo editors are not coders but DBK Is. You can skip the hassle of coordination between different professionals and reap the benefits of the seamless comprehensive well-rounded approach, which turns into an edge over your competitors, less price tag and faster results on increased sales for you.

Don't need All the services done? No problem, You can also hire DBK for any of the single services offered, or as an independent contractor. DBK can step in to do any of the services you are missing, or would like re-done. With a background in marketing and years of experience working with real life business owners, DBK has your back and can be a valuable and versatile member of your team.

What can DBK do for you? -

Mobile/Tablet/Desktop Web Design

Graphic Design & Branding

Photography & Retouching

3D Modeling & Digital video