DBK Graphic Design: Brochures, Business Cards, Logos

We are living in a time where the eye of the potential customer has never been so demanding. Already used to commercials, it takes truly artistic and eye catching graphic design to get the attention of your target audience. You need art that delivers a message clearly, stands out and causes a favorable impression. DBK's graphic design wing offers you a wide arsenal of tools to hit your target audience and meet your objectives with flying colors.

3D Illustrations

3D Illustrations are great for showcasing and previewing a product concept.

2D Illustrations

2D Illustrations encompass any kind of graphic design which can be used in websites, print or in applications. Made custom to your needs, DBK is ready to deliver any kind of graphics you need, from book cover illustrations to event flyers and more.

Custom Business Cards

The humble, yet essential business card is a handy must-have. But just ordering them from a print shop or website with pre-canned designs to choose from will guarantee a few other people (maybe even in the same field) will have the exact same design as yours. Without a business card being custom, it's harder to get noticed or remembered.

DBK gives you the individual attention you need, listens to your unique business needs, researches and studies your field and possible competitors, and creates custom business cards just for you with these matters in mind.


Best for a targeted, distribution-based approach, Flyers are a great "off-line" method of generating exposure for your upcoming event. Attractive tangible promotional art brings our computer-laden viewer back to a sense of physicality and helps them remember your business. DBK can create an orderly, pleasing, readable, clean-looking, yet authentic and artistic flyer for your event.

Logo Redesigns

The Redesign of an existing logo is a serious matter. DBK researches the logo's original background, potential competitors, and studies in-depth all ideas related to the logo, and improves not only the actual usability and quality of the logo, but also refines it in such way it is more attractive to the particular target audience.

T-Shirts / Other Work

Check out some of DBK's other graphic design work, including T-shirt designs.
This "AIGA Dylon Funk" T-Shirt Design was a DBK work showcased on SPARK Parkland College of Champaign IL's online scholarly work gallery.