DBK On-Site Photography. Event, Portrait, Product + Photo Editing / Retouching

A photo can move a nation. A photo can impact, persuade, create curiosity in, interest and change a viewer's perspective. A photo needs no spoken language to be understood across the world. As so, photography is one of DBK's greatest passions. Using professional Nikon photographic equipment, DBK can travel to your location for event photography, or simply for attractive photos of your products and services which can be used in your custom website. Regardless of the application, photography is essential.

Retouching (Before and After)


Capturing the human spirit is essential in all areas of life, whether you're building your brand or capturing a timeless moment.
(All photos taken knowingly).

Product Photography

DBK conveniently offers both *on-site* product photography and studio photography for small products, for your various business needs.

Special Effect

Imaginative and surreal photos can be a great way to grab your viewers' attention. DBK combines the mastery of photo manipulation with creativity in applied techniques. The applications are endless, from book covers to event flyers, print, and more.